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Top 3 reasons to trade-in your vehicle right now

We have all heard the phrase ” Cars are not a good investment since they always depreciate”. Although this is true in most cases, there are 3 reasons you should consider a trade-in as soon as possible. Remember, the world has changed since Covid arrived and things are not what they used to be.

High trade-in value


Due to changing market conditions, the prices of used vehicles have risen considerably. What this means is that instead of incurring a significant loss when upgrading your vehicle, you will get a better trade-in value on your used vehicle. Investments are linked to momentum and right now, the market is hungry for used vehicles. If you have been considering trading up, right now is the best moment for you to do it!

Low inventory on new vehicles


Manufacturing and shipments of new vehicles have been affected by the current pandemic. This has resulted in unforeseen delays in the arrival of new vehicle inventory. This makes the demand in Canada much higher, creating an enticing market opportunity for vehicle owners looking to upgrade. We know you have been daydreaming about that new truck, so why not take advantage of this unique time?

High demand for trade-ins


This is kind of a secret of the industry, but since the Dealership lots are becoming empty, dealers are being forced to look for more opportunities to purchase used inventory. You as a consumer own a hot commodity right now, and should capitalize on the momentum while you can!

We at AutoWinnipeg love to help our customers when they decide to upgrade. We try to pay the highest amount possible for your trade-in and help you get the best rates for your newer vehicle. Times are constantly changing and opportunities like this are scarce. Send us a message to get an appraisal and find out what your older vehicle can do for you.

Mar 11st, 2021